Our Team

Thembi Myeni – Co-Founder (Executive Member)

A single mom raising two sons, Thembi Myeni is an MBA Graduate from the University of Oregon USA, Masters in Practical Theology King’s University, Texas USA and currently studying Counselling Ministries at Denver Seminary, Colorado, USA. The hallmark of a great leader is the ability to evolve and redefine the status quo of innovation, leadership, and empowerment. Thembi has walked the path of entrepreneurial greatness and now introduces dynamic new concepts to recharge community building and revitalize the family unit.

Jeanette Munsami – Co-Founder (Executive Member)

Jeanette Charmaine Munsami is a Master Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, and Programmer, accredited through The American Board of Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP).

Jeanette possesses a unique approach to coaching, mentoring and business which has become her trademark in bridging the gap between “strategy to action”. Her passion is to inspire individuals to live more fulfilling lives. Jeanette says living with purpose does not have to be an elusive thing but instead can easily be achieved through coaching mentoring practical skills and empowerment tools that boost and get you moving in the direction of your destiny.  To a place that brings not just self-accomplishment but greater happiness.

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